Mould Making and Casting with Jesmonite


Saturday 16th November


Mould making is a useful technique to learn, it can be used in conjunction with many jewellery making materials such as resin, concrete or for making wax models for casting. You can bring your own items to take moulds of to a maximum size of 50mm x 50mm x 30mm and we will be  covering relief and 3 dimensional mould making. During this class you will be using Jesmonite for the reproduction casts, a versatile water-based, solvent free composite material robust enough for jewellery but can be customised by adding colour and other objects.

Throughout this class you will work with a fast curing silicon, a 2 part putty instant setting silicon both which can be reused hundreds of times and has excellent detail replication along with polymorph a reusable melt-able plastic compound.

After we have created the moulds you will have the opportunity to experiment casting with jesmonite. Pigments can be added to create colour along with shards of rock to add texture and pattern. You may also bring your own items to embed, as long as they fit within the moulds, this technique is best suited to casts that have a flat. Please note jesmonite is completely opaque.

We will make a brooch, a set of earrings and a pendant as part of the experimentation process. You will learn to make the earring posts and a brooch back from 100% recycled silver.

All materials will be supplied and are included in the cost. If you have any specific items you want to experiment with please bring them along, please note a size restriction for mould making as above.

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