Melt your Own Metal Make a Ring

Future dates TBC – email to register your interest.

4 hour Class

Melting! Channel your inner pyromaniac here! No previous experience required for this one.

During the session you will melt scrap metals and create an ingot to make into wire to produce a ring fitted to your finger size. You will decide upon what shape and style of rings you wish to make.  You can choose from d shape, flat rectangular and square. You will learn how to

  • smelt metal
  • use rolling mills and draw plates to create the wire of choice for ring shape
  • cut with a jewellers saw frame
  • use pliers to bend into shape
  • use torches to solder the ring closed
  • be involved in all aspects of the ring making
  • filing
  • bashing
  • and experiment with a variety of finishing techniques such as polishing, sandblasting and oxidising.

If you do not have any scrap metal but would like to learn how to do this then I can supply for an additional cost, let me know prior to the class.

Any Scrap metal supplied by participants must be identifiable with a hallmark to authenticate the metal grade. 925 = silver, 750 = 18ct gold, 375=9ct gold. If you’re not sure then get in touch and i will do my best to help identify.

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