Electroforming Class


Sunday 17th November

10am – 3pm

Electroforming is the intricate process of fusing metal onto another medium to create a fine layer of metal, in this class you will be using scrap copper. This process can be used to create hollow copper forms, cover non porous items in a layer of copper and has often been used as a way to set a stone. Please note that this way of electroforming is less controlled than if you were to use industrial equipment and chemicals but can still give you effective, sturdy outcomes. See examples of the work I have produced below.

During this class you will have the opportunity to try out a few different applications for electroforming. I will show you how with simple household items you can re-create this process and easily set up a DIY tank that you can use in your own workshop. A start-up kit is provided as part of the class cost, which includes everything you need to get going. We will test out various methods and to allow the copper to form onto various objects. Everyone will produce a ring with a rock that has been electroformed to hold it in place that provides a decorative setting. You can also bring along items of your own that could be used such as 3D printed objects, rocks or toys. We will also discuss a variety of possibilities for this technique.

Everything you will need for this course will be supplied.

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