Cuttlefish Casting Class


Future Dates TBC please contact to register your interest.

Cuttlefish casting is a quick and straight forward accessible way of making a casting. Using a cuttlefish bone you can carve or press in objects to create the hollow you will fill with molten metal. The bone is soft and can be easily worked, it leaves a distinctive decorative texture that can be kept or filed off. This technique once learned allows you to utilise scrap or old metal easily in your own workshop or studio.

During the class you will have the opportunity to try 3 techniques that utilise this casting method. You will begin by pushing a found object into the bone to replicate it in silver, you can bring your own object or I will supply a selection (recommended size no bigger than 2x2cm and 1 cm thick). We will also produce wax carvings to work with the cuttlefish casting. Options of items to make can be rings, pendants, earring elements or charms which you can design and decide on that day. The final technique will be to carve directly into the cuttlefish bone.

I will supply 100% recycled silver up to 30g (any additional can be purchased) but you are also welcome to bring along your own scrap metals to recycle. Any Scrap metal supplied by participants must be identifiable with a hallmark to authenticate the metal grade. 925 = silver, 750 = 18ct gold, 375=9ct gold. If you’re not sure then get in touch and I will help identify.

All other materials required will be supplied.

No cuttlefish will be harmed in this process. All bone is sourced from the sea where the fish have already left their bones behind.

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